Musical-ception is my first musical written during the COVID-19 pandemic. I did the book and lyrics and collaborated with Erella Atlan, who arranged the score. Erella graduated from the Berklee School of Music. Check out her page – she is amazing

This was a great collaboration and an interesting one since I live in Orlando, Florida and Erella lives in Paris, France. Just goes to show you that collaboration is possible from anywhere!!

What is it about . . .

Musical-ception: The Musical about Making a Musical is a parody of Phantom of the Opera and Singing in the Rain. It is about a theater, in danger of shutting down, that is the home of a troupe that has fallen from grace.

The main character, Philip, wants to save the theater from closing, but he has to deal with the greedy producers and the theater owner’s son, who is a diva and the lead male actor. He also has to deal with his own insecurities.

However, when Philip meets Rose, a ditzy actress, he finds that his plan to save the theater has gotten more complicated than it already was.