Musical-ception features the following cast:

Philip: Philip is a man of mystery to say the least. This is because he’s always in the shadows to the point where people think he’s just a ghost or some urban legend in the Apex Theater. Philip is very serious and can be intimidating in appearance and personality, but deep down, he’s very insecure, which is why he wears a mask borrowed from the theater’s wardrobe department. However, things get difficult when he meets Rose, a ditzy actress, during his plan to save the theater from shutting down.

Rose: The best way to describe Rose is that she’s a complete airhead. She tends to not pay any attention at all and always has her head in the clouds, dreaming of the day she becomes a famous actress. Rose often accompanied by her two best friends, Kitty and Meg, who balance her out in either being caring regarding the situation or snarky at everything. When Rose meets Phillip, she immediately falls for him while being blissfully unaware of the crisis the theater is currently in.

Andrew: Andrew is the Apex Theater owner’s son and the biggest diva to ever act in the theater’s history. He loses his mind whenever it’s not about him, he feels as though he’s being upstaged, or when he doesn’t get the starring role that he wants, making the producers bow to his every whim. Andrew has an intense rivalry with Rose after she becomes the lead. He’s never seen without his best friend, Victor, following him around and backing him up on everything.

Mr. Gene: Mr. Gene is one of the two producers, known for his chaotic and greedy attitude. The only thing on his mind is getting and making tons of money by doing various shows to save the theater, even if he’s only in it for cash. However, the only things he fears are getting fired and the Apex Theater owner’s current wife. Mr. Gene tends to be sarcastic at times and the chaos he radiates can be a little off putting to the theater employees and other actors.

Mr. Max: Mr. Max is one of the two producers, often seen with Mr. Gene. He’s a major worrywart and is very concerned about him and Gene’s jobs (especially when it comes to the “ghost” haunting the theater). Mr. Max seems to be the only one not concerned with only making money and just wants to keep his job, but things get worse when the owner’s wife arrives.

Victor: Victor is Andrew’s loyal best friend (even if he wants to be more than friends with him). He’s you’re a-typical sidekick with how he constantly backs up Andrew and agrees with him on everything. Victor seems to always say either “yeah, what he said” or “that’s right” right after Andrew says something. He gets dragged into Andrew and Rose’s rivalry to be on his best friend’s side to defend him.

Christine: A shrewd and snobbish woman nicknamed the “she devil,” Christine is Andrew’s stepmother and the Apex Theater owner’s current wife. She’s always on her phone with her husband and she’s always yelling at him when it comes to the smallest things. Christine comes in during Act 2 to terrorize the producers into actually doing a good job at saving the theater. She doesn’t care much about her stepson and is on her phone all of the time.