Missing Gotham

140 Thoughts on 01×1:

It’s been several weeks since Gotham ended, so why don’t we hit the rewind button and go back to how it all began before Batman and the rest of the crew became who we know them as today (and when people were unsure how to feel about the show)? This is my personal favorite episode and Season 1 Episode 1: “Pilot”. 

1. This is actually a nice view of such a corrupted city… 

2. Hey, it’s Selina! 

3. She stole some milk. Gotta get that calcium for when you become Catwoman… 

4. Or just feed it to some stray cats, which is good. 

5. Oh boy, it’s going to happen…the Waynes look so happy though. 

6. I like that they kept the killer a mystery instead of saying that The Joker did it or something stupid like that. 

7. And they’re both down. Poor Bruce! 

8. As the hardcore comic book fans would say, “How many times do we have to see Krypton explode, Bruce’s parents get shot, and Uncle Ben get killed?!” 

9. I miss looking at the GCPD set… 

10. Hey, it’s Bullock! 

11. I showed the bit where the guy shoots and asks for his pills to my dad and he said it was unrealistic. 

12. Gordon! Man, I wish Ben here didn’t have to cancel for MegaCon… 

13. I like Gordon and Bullock’s relationship even if they didn’t start off too well.

14. Time to head to the crime scene for something we’ve seen like a billion times. 

15. Even though we know the outcome, I can’t help, but feel sorry for Bruce. 

16. Gordon relating to him is so nice. 

17. “Sorry, kid, but the only way to get over this is to dress like a bat, have a kid sidekick in tiny shorts, and punch clowns, scarecrows, and other weirdos every night…” 

18. I think this has to be one of the best versions of Alfred. 

19. Welcome to a place you really don’t want to live! 

20. To be perfectly honest, I kind of ship Bullock and Gordon. 

21. Hey, Montoya! 

22. Bullock being sassy to Montoya and Allen is everything. 

23. “Stay frosty”? Unintentional Mr. Freeze foreshadowing? 

24. What is wrong with this city? A corrupt mayor and lots of crime? 

25. Oh boy, Gordon’s kicked out of the office… 

26. And with Bullock back, they have to point out each other’s flaws. 

27. Now, let’s getting to some crime solving fun! 

28. Gordon’s little headache at the end of this montage is funny to me. 

29. EDDIE!!!!! 

30. Cory Michael Smith is a precious cinnamon roll that needs to be protected at all costs. 

31. Words cannot describe how much I love this version of The Riddler.

32. He was such a good boy and he didn’t have to go insane! 

33. Cory, if you’re reading this, I just want you to know that you’re super talented and your smile is adorable. 

34. Bullock’s “you need professional help” line is probably what you’re all saying about numbers 29-33. 

35. Now, it’s time to continue cracking on the case! 

36. “Quick, Gordon! To the Theater District!” 

37. Oh snap, sounds like someone’s getting tortured. 

38. For those you haven’t seen the show, yes, that is Jada Pickett Smith and she is amazing on this show. 

39. I met Robin Lord Taylor at a con once. He was super sweet. 

40. I also love this version of The Penguin. 

41. He’s such a psycho, yet so fancy. I love it! 

42. Calling it: Fish and Bullock used to date. 
43. Gordon doesn’t trust this… 

44. Yeah, they totally used to date. 

45. Someone give this bird looking man an Emmy!

46. And at that moment, it was love at first sight…for one of them. 

47. Lowkey, Penguin has a crush on Gordon. 

48. Seriously, as I continue, pay attention to the way he looks and acts around him. 

49. Gordon looks so miserable. 

50. GCPD, roll out! 

51. Oh, Barbara, such potential gone down the drain…

52. I wasn’t a fan of them as a couple to be honest, you’ll see why. 

53. Time to solve more crimes! 

54. I think we’ve got a suspect… 

55. This Pepper guy has such a long list of crimes. 

56. Awww, little Poison Ivy! 

57. I don’t like where this is going… 

58. Get him, Gordon! 

59. He’s got a gun too?!

60. All that parkouring and running must be a good workout. 

61. Jeez, he came out of nowhere! 

62. The Trash Can Shield: A Captain America Trademark. 

63. How will Gordon get out of this? 

64. Nice one, Bullock! 

65. I think we found our killer! 

66. It’s so rare to see Bullock in a good mood… 

67. Yay, they’re heroes! 

68. He is SO obsessed with Gordon, it’s not even funny.

69. Those sunglasses though… 

70. Oh no, bombshell! 

71. There’s a lot of string pulling here and they totally didn’t notice it. 

72. They are so blind to it. 

73. But they know about the true goal. 

74. Robin, if you’re reading this, I suggest wearing sunglasses more often, they look good on you. 

75. Welcome to the Dead Parents Club, Bruce! 

76. I see you there, Selina… 

77. Oh boy, Barbara knows! 

78. What is this? “Be Mean to Gordon and Bullock Day”? 

79. Ivy’s PISSED! 

80. Poor guys…they never caught the real killer. 

81. Penguin totally is 100% in love with Gordon. 

82. Gordon thinks that talking to Fish will help…yeah right.

83. IT’S A TRAP! 

84. Now, Barbara wants Bullock to go save Gordon. 

85. Poor Gordon is stuck in a meat locker. Will Bullock save him? 

86. And he’s knocked out again…

87. He’s back, thank god. 

88. Bullock’s head as he walks in: “Don’t be stupid, don’t be stupid, don’t be stupid, don’t be stupid…” 

89. That “‘EY, BUTCH!” cracks me up every time. 

90. Bullock’s probably trying so hard to not look at Gordon’s butt as he hangs upside down. 

91. There were theories that this comedian was going to become The Joker, but they were so wrong… 

92. Careful, Bullock…this could also be a trap. 

93. Oh boy, the cat’s out of the bag…

94. Penguin’s little smirk in the background is great. 

95. She’s not buying this at all.

96. Putting Butch on the line isn’t good. 

97. Called it. 

98. I guess that’s what Bullock gets for trying to act cool.

99. Another moment where I have to say that I don’t like where this is going… 

100. Penguin’s thoughts: “Actually, I would look better on top…” 

101. Aw snap, she knows. 

102. Run, boy, run! 

103. Oh boy… 

104. Time to play the Blame Game! 

105. She’s not buying this again. 

106. Oh boy, don’t do it, man! 

107. She said the P-Word…engage bloodthirsty killer mode. 

108. And he’s down. They say snitches get stitches. 

109. Now, they’re BOTH kidnapped.

110. Hey, the cavalry is here!

111. I see you shooting in the background, Zsasz. Don’t think about hiding. 

112. It’s Falcone! 

113. Our heroes are saved, I guess? 

114. Falcone talking to Gordon doesn’t seem that good…

115. Now, Gordon has to prove himself. 

116. Little does Falcone know that his business ends up in… good hands. 

117. Gordon: “My Italian is a little rusty. Come again?” 

118. I like to think that when they’re on duty, Bullock and Gordon just turn the radio up really high and sing badly as they drive. 

119. The truth’s going to come out…

120. And he’s getting out of the car. 

121. Oh hi, Oswald. 

122. Wait a minute, if we want to go by shipping logic here, the whole Gordon/Bullock/Penguin relationship is a love triangle. 

123. Now, they’re in a huge pickle. 

124. They’re totally getting played here by Penguin. 

125. “We’re at war with scumbags like HIM!!!” *points aggressively to trunk* 

126. Gordon must think he’s in a Telltale Game right now with these hard choices. 

127. And he’s made his choice, ladies and gentlemen! 

128. They probably didn’t expect the process to take so long with that limp.

129. Now’s not really the best time for flirting. 

130. You made him angry, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry… 

131. I love the delivery of “don’t ever come back to Gotham”. 

132. Gordon wins, FATALITY! 

133. Everything’s back to normal…ish. 

134. Don’t jump, Bruce! You still need to become Batman! 

135. Gordon: “Go play dress up and beat up people, kid.”

136. Aw snap, he lives. 

137. Get out of there, dude!

138. And he just died… 

139. You can’t get vengeance on an empty stomach, I suppose.

140. That’s all, folks! *cue Looney Tunes music* 

If the cast is reading this, I just want you to all know that you’re all amazing. Keep up the good work and share this as much as you can. 

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