Elementary Recap: Where We Left Off (06×21)

We’ve got one more week until Season 7 starts as the last hurrah, so it’s only appropriate to see where we last left our two heroes…This is Season 6 Episode 21: “Whatever Remains, However Improbable”. 

Sherlock and Joan find themselves in a pickle when Joan becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Michael, a serial killer they had been hunting down who is also part of Sherlock’s support group and his “friend”.

Now, you’re partially caught up, so let’s begin: this FBI lady, Agent Malik (who’s a real bulldog), thinks Joan killed Michael.  Agent Malik plays Michael’s last message where you hear a struggle and Michael saying Joan’s name. Basically, the FBI thinks that it’s evidence for who the killer was, and it doesn’t look good for Joan. 

Both Sherlock and Joan talk to the lawyer who explains that Malik wants Joan’s head. Sherlock asks Joan if she really did it, so she asks him if he did it. Of course, neither of them did it, so the duo discuss plans to find the real killer and clear Joan’s name. 

Gregson arrives at his home to find Sherlock there looking for help to prove Joan’s innocence. Sherlock requests the case files, but Gregson refuses because there are “too many eyes” on the case. 

Sherlock goes to tell Joan the bad news that Gregson didn’t help, but he has good news too: he managed to break into the morgue and brought Michael’s body to the brownstone. Typical Sherlock…stealing bodies from the morgue… 

It wasn’t really the body though; it was just pictures of Michael’s dead body. Sherlock and Joan go over the wound Joan gave him when she escaped. It had been stitched up, which Joan says he couldn’t have done by himself. 

Sherlock says that the FBI has been looking at different hospitals, doctor’s, and veterinarian’s offices, but Joan says that it was possibly done by a combat medic who was probably in the Vietnam War. Sherlock thinks this person is from his and Michael’s support group.

Sherlock goes to a meeting to talk to said vet medic.  Sherlock asks if he stitched up Michael, which he admits that he did. 

 The medic explains that Michael said that he was stabbed by his dealer and that he stayed the night at his place, but disappeared the following day. Sherlock believes him and will help if he helps him. 

Joan meets up with Sherlock at the medic’s house and brings him the materials that he asked for, but asks why he needs them. He says it’s to protect her and not have her DNA on the crime scene. That’s right, folks! Michael was killed at the medic’s home (no wonder that Sherlock didn’t want her DNA found there). 

He points out the different areas of the crime scene where Michael was and says that the medic was innocent and he wasn’t responsible. 

From the evidence, Sherlock deduces that it’s a woman who did it. Unfortunately, the evidence points to Joan since the footprints are her size. DUN, DUN, DUN!

So, they return to the brownstone with their findings and discuss how it fits the whole “Joan is the killer” theory.  Sherlock brings up that the person was tracking Michael down, and probably law enforcement due to the information she had on Michael. (Could the killer be Agent Malik?). 

Joan wants to tell the FBI what they found, but Sherlock informs her that the medic’s house was torched. Sherlock confesses that he was going to get an arsonist, but the medic did it himself since he didn’t want to be incriminated. Sherlock paid the medic off to protect Joan. (Awe!)

Bell gets interrogated by the FBI and threatened by Agent Malik. Despite the threats, Bell meets up with Sherlock secretly gives him all the information the police have on Michael’s murder. (Bell’s a good friend)

Sherlock finds Joan at his computer and she says that Everyone would look into Malik if she sent them pictures of his bees and play a song. As it turns out, the head of Everyone is aroused by bees. Weird flex, but okay… 

Sherlock shows Joan the evidence Bell gave him and explains that Michael’s body was found in Harlem, but they know that he was killed in Queens. Sherlock thinks that Harlem went to him, so they go to the Harlem Garbage Depot to investigate. 

They interrogate the garbage man about Michael and he explains that Michael killed his daughter in law and that the killer was “a hero”, but he refuses to help them. 

The duo guess that the killer brought the body to the garbage yard in Harlem, so they tried to look at the security footage.  However, they find out that the footage got erased by none other than Captain Gregson. The plot thickens!

Gregson arrives at his house and notices that something is off. He investigates, only to find Sherlock chilling in his living room. They talk about the clues Sherlock found as he asks him about the security footage. 

Sherlock reveals that he thought it was Malik, but realized that it was actually Hannah, Gregson’s daughter, who is a police officer who killed Michael. Gregson confesses that Hannah did it and he helped cover it up.

Sherlock wants Hannah to confess to save Joan, but Gregson says Joan will get off. Sherlock calls him out for saying it’ll “blow over” and Gregson refuses to turn Hannah in and blames Sherlock for letting Michael know about them. 

Sherlock tells Joan that Gregson won’t help and that they should tell Malik. Joan says that she doesn’t want Gregson or Hannah to go to prison. 

The next day, Sherlock meets with Hannah and talks with her about the problem and how Joan doesn’t want to incriminate her or her father. He tells her to confess and tell him where the murder weapon is. 

The FBI tells Joan to come with them and Malik explains that Sherlock confessed to the murder and provided the weapon to them, leaving Joan off the hook. Joan denies this and wants to talk to him. 

Malik said that he went back to London and explained that he was acting in service for the queen as well as that he can’t set foot in the US ever again. She still believes that Joan did it and Sherlock was covering up for her. 

Joan sees Sherlock at the brownstone.  He couldn’t leave without saying goodbye and explains the deal. He compliments her on her bravery and explains how he talked with Hannah. 

Sherlock talks about how he didn’t realize how much he liked Joan and that their friendship is very important and how she saved his life. 

She says that they’re partners, but he says that that they’re two people who love each other. Now, if this is romantic or platonic, remains open. Maybe we’ll see next season? Do you ship it?

Sherlock moves back to London and now lives on 221B Baker Street. He’s trying to get used to everything, not to mention how noisy his neighbors are. 

He goes to talk to the neighbors, but it’s revealed that Joan is living next door to him. (YES! She moved there!)  Sherlock and Joan then go about their business solving cases as usual, but for Scotland Yard, in London! 

Questions for the episode: 

  • Do you like Sherlock and Joan as a couple? 
  • Will Moriarty return in the final season? 
  • Will they go back to the US?
  • Will Sherlock have to go to trial for Michael’s murder?

Only one week left before we begin to find out!  Check out the CBS Elementary Page for more information.

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