Elementary 07×08: Who are you again?

Another episode and…I’m ready to go back and see what Odin is up to since we had an episode not in that story line last week. If you want to see what happened, click here for last week’s recap.

Anyway, this is Elementary 07×08 “Miss Understood”.

We open with Bell, Sherlock, and Joan solving a case by figuring out the victim died due to carbon dioxide. Of course being Elementary, we find the murderer used a yoga ball that was filled with carbon dioxide to kill his girlfriend before she exposed him.

When they get back to the Brownstone, Sherlock and Joan meet this girl, Cassie who apparently they had put in prison. (You may remember her from an earlier season, but I unfortunately didn’t.) Anyway, they obviously don’t trust her or believe what she’s telling them.

She asks Sherlock and Joan to help solve the murder of one of her foster mothers since she had several in a difficult childhood. Since Holmes and Watson had reviewed her files during the other case, they know that the woman she claims was her step mom was not. LIE#1. To cover up Cassie says that they met in a food line and that she took her in. LIE#2. Then Cassie tells our favorite detectives that she then left because she was getting in trouble and din’t want to get the stepmom involved. LIE#3. (I think we will stop the LIE counter since they appear will be many.)

Holmes discusses the “case” with Watson and both agree there’s something more going on, but decide to play along with Cassie to see what she’s really doing there. He stays with Cassie in the brownstone while Joan goes tot talk to Bell.

Bell explains to them that Heather, the foster mom, was shot with a 9mm and that he’s talking to people from New Jersey’s police department to help with the case.

At the Brownstone, Sherlock takes Cassie to interrogate Heather’s husband, Judd, who thinks that she was having an affair. Judd tells them that she was working for her friend Meredith selling baby formula.

Outside Judd’s home, Sherlock and Cassie meet the officers from New Jersey who are working on the case, Detective Calibrassi and Officer Broc. Sherlock thinks that the police had “flipped” Heather and she was an informant for them. The officers, like Sherlock, think her organization found out and that’s why she was killed.

At the station, the New Jersey officers and detectives explain to Joan, Gregson, and Bell that the formula sellers are made up of shoplifters and work like the mafia. Cassie asks Sherlock why he’s not in the meeting and he responds that he knows what they are talking about and he can read lips – because of course he can.

Sherlock tries to find a link between the current case and the case Cassie was involved with in the past, but has not found a connection yet. He then goes to investigate the halfway house Casie is staying at and finds out she has been researching cases that have certain criteria in common: close but not too close to their precinct, involving nice people who are murdered.

Meanwhile, Bell and Joan interrogate Meredith and bring Cassie with them, but she’s disinterested. When Joan confronts her, Cassie makes up a story that Sherlock is her father which Joan ignores. However, Cassie makes sense saying she’s not interested because the woman is innocent and explains her reasoning to Joan.

Sherlock tells Joan what he found out – that Cassie didn’t know Heather and that she was looking for a case that she could use to get close to them. Joan says that despite Cassie’s lies she knows Sherlock likes her. Sherlock mentions that he likes unique minds – and Cassie is one. but that she is no Moriarty. Joan replies not yet – and leaves Sherlock to think on it.

Holmes then confronts Cassie, telling her what he knows and says he is unique too. He continues to tell her that they are similar in other ways too like with being alone. Cassie says that Sherlock has Joan and his friends in the NYPD. Sherlock tells her that’s recent and that he had to create a future for himself. He tells her she can do that too.

Bell and Joan try to continue to work with the NJPD to figure out other possible leads for the formula case. They want to talk to the different locations where baby formula keeps getting stolen.

Sherlock and Cassie review security footage of shoplifters and find out that the high prices for formula are due to the fact the state provides cash vouchers to moms for food and baby formula is included. Since so many can get formula for free, the prices are artificially increased by the companies that sell it. They also find out that the state is considering removing baby formula from the voucher program.

Sherlock figures out that the timing of Heather’s murder is suspect. He believes that whoever killed her wanted to stall the investigation into the baby formula mob until after the state vote on the vouchers.

Sherlock fills in Joan on his new theory – he has been looking into folks that make baby formula and sell it since they have the most to lose if people stop buying it. He narrows the suspects down to Mr. Lee Hogan, the CEO of the supermarket chain, who is one of the main supporters of the investigation.

Joan wonders why the main suspect would also be the main supporter. Sherlock thinks it is to assure himself a front row seat in the investigation. Joan then asks about Cassie and Sherlock says he was trying to stop crime before it happened – like Odin, but hopefully in the right way, by focusing Cassie into contributing (FINALLY a link to that story line.)

Sherlock then gets help from Everyone to look into Hogan’s finances while Cassie…breaks into his house and demands two million from him to not tell anyone what he has done. Is she NOT contributing?! Sherlock is going to be upset!

Sherlock is waiting for Cassie and does sort of freak out, but Cassie tells him she was setting up a trap to catch the murdered or the person he hired to do his dirty work.

They find out that Calabrissi, one of the detectives working on the case, was behind it all along. Joan says that he was Hogan’s fixer and was paid to give him details of the investigation. Bell tells Gregson that he was caught because of Cassie and Sherlock’s plan and that he had a 9mm gun which he thinks will be a match to the murder weapon that killed Heather.

Sherlock visits Cassie at the halfway house. He tells her that she needs to know who she is so she can start making her world. She doesn’t want to know about her real parents and Sherlock says he doesn’t have that information since if she wanted to know, she would have found out herself. Sherlock instead gives Cassie a form to change her name and be who she wants to be.

Questions for this episode:

  • What will Cassie’s new name be?
  • What does this have to do with the main storyline?
  • Is Cassie going to be back and work with Joan, Sherlock and the NYPD?

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