Elementary 07×07: Comrades

Happy Fourth of July! I know it’s a holiday, but here’s the recap of Season 7 Episode 7: “From Russia With Drugs”. 

I still can’t believe that Sherlock did not tell Joan about The DEA and Odin.  If you want to check out last week’s recap, click here

To begin, Gregson returns to the force (yay!) and it’s revealed that he and his replacement knew each other and he gets a large shield to hang in his office. Gregson is then visited by Detective Novacek, one of the NYPD’s best detectives, who tells him that she quits. 

Meanwhile, this guy with all this money calls his girlfriend, but when she arrives, she sees that her boyfriend is dead and covered in all these bills. The next day, Sherlock, Joan, and Bell look over the body in the morgue. They conclude that he died from a drug overdose since there was both toxin on the cash and blood on his gun. 

 Joan and Gregson decide to interrogate the victim’s girlfriend and she denies that he was on any drugs since he helped her get clean and he never took any drugs himself. As this is going on, Sherlock snoops around the victim, Ridley’s, apartment with Bell who tells him about the fact that Sherlock missed out on Gregson’s party to welcome him back. Sherlock asks Bell if there was a cat since there’s lots of cat hair but no food or litter box.  Bell says he’s not surprised if Ridley wasn’t a good pet parent.

Gregson pulls Joan aside and asks if his replacement, Dwyer, had done anything wrong since he believes that he’s being inappropriate, which is the reason why Novacek is leaving.  Joan says that she didn’t see anything and that Gregson should talk to him about it.

At the Brownstone, Joan and Sherlock go over their findings and talk about the Dwyer situation. Joan shows him the files and Sherlock sees that Ridley was allergic to cats.  He then goes back to the apartment with Bell and finds Ridley’s inhaler, which he used for his cat hair allergies and they discover that it was laced with the toxin on it. 

Bell and Joan go to Gregson and tell them what they believe had happened: Ridley was possibly a Russian spy (because of course he was) since the Russians used that toxin before – Sherlock had seen it before when working for MI6. Sherlock goes to a school and interrogates one of the teachers, who is also a Russian spy. She denies knowing anything and Sherlock tells her that she must give him the information since she owes him one. 

Gregson tries to talk with Dwyer about Novacek, but he denies it and leaves. Bell calls Gregson and tells him that they found the body of the man Ridley shot, Cecil. So, he and Joan go to interrogate Cecil’s partner, who denies knowing anything. Sherlock finds a burner phone in Cecil’s things, which has an address on it, so they head over there. Apparently, the address was for the safe house that Ridley robbed -and yes – Cecil sent him there!

Sherlock talks to the teacher/spy from earlier and says that a Russian scientist was making the toxin here in New York, but she blows up the nearby apartment building where the scientist was believed to be at. 

Gregson talks with Novacek about the situation and she says that Dwyer is a major problem. What a twist! I didn’t expect him to be bad at all. Meanwhile, Sherlock and Joan go to the DEA and find some papers that could help them. 

Alongside Bell, they interrogate Cecil’s companion and put together that she and Cecil set Ridley up so that the DEA would award them a contract to clean money found at crime scenes. Since evidence had come up that maybe toxins could not harm officers, the DEA had slowed down the process of hiring Cecil and his partner. They wanted to make Ridley’s death appear like he was killed by the contaminated money.  However, our detectives figured out that the toxin came from the inhaler. They just didn’t think that Ridley was going to shoot Cecil.  Oh, and Cecil’s partner also had a cat, so that was where the hair came from. They arrest her and thus, another case is closed.

Novacek files a sexual harassment complaint against Dwyer and tells Gregson that she’s transferring to the private sector. 

Questions for this episode: 

  • Why can’t Sherlock just tell Joan about what happened to him last episode? 
  • Were Cecil and his colleague working for Odin? 
  • What will happen to Dwyer?  Is his career ruined? 

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