Elementary 07×10: New and Improved?

Last week we ended with our favorite villain, Odin Reichenbach was planning to take care of our heroes himself! If you want to know what happened last week, click here.

If you are up to date, let us dive into Elementary season 7 episode 10: The latest model.

Sherlock and Joan are using virtual reality to solve a crime.  Once it is Joan’s turn, all their TVs and phones stop working and the doorbell rings.  You may have guessed it.  It’s Odin with a case for Joan and Sherlock to review as he promised.  He first tells them he knows they have been snooping around and that no international friends of Sherlock or any other agencies will help them.  He is giving them the opportunity to prove his methods are wrong with this case, because he is only 80 percent sure.  Odin believes a podcaster, Wesley Conrad, is upset at a British filmmaker, Ewan, who he believes plagiarized one of his podcasts and turned it into a documentary.  Odin thinks since Ewan plans a screening in 3 days, that Conrad will kill people in the theater who are scheduled to see the film. Reichenbach leaves Conrad’s life with Sherlock and Joan.  He wants them to do their own research and tell him if it’s better to kill Conrad or let him kill many others.

We then cut to a night murder tour where they find the dead body of a girl.  Yes, the plot thickens.

Sherlock and Joan are investigating Conrad.  Sherlock found that Conrad’s plagiarized podcast was about a group of four siblings who while playing cards saw some beasts in the window.  One of the siblings went to investigate, found nothing and went home.  Two others who were at the home went crazy and killed their sister.  Locals blamed the devil himself.  Conrad believed that the before the brother went out to look, he burned rare a poisonous plant to kill his siblings and claim the family fortune.  Ewan’s documentary follows Conrad’s alternate explanation.  Meanwhile, Joan finds out that Conrad has been busy on social media with treats and looking for guns.  Conrad also took money out in Vermont.  Sherlock thinks Odin may be correct, but they still have three days before the screening.

Bell calls them to ask for their help with the girl found dead on the murder tour.  Her death is like the actress, Autumn Cleary, who was killed somewhere else and then dumped in the same courtyard eighteen years before.  Bell thinks the crimes could be connected since both deaths were caused by asphyxiation, stunt gun burns, and both have green carpet fibers found on the bodies. Sherlock thinks they are connected.  Bell hopes they can close both murders at once.

Joan looks through all the research on Cleary’s murder. She narrowed it down to her suspected lover and her understudy. Sherlock believes it is the lover.  He spots his cufflinks which are like the marks on Autumn Cleary’s neck.

Sherlock also has found out that Conrad probably purchased a gun in Vermont and has the means to carry an attack.  He goes to pay him a visit.  Conrad tells Sherlock that now a studio plans to make a feature of the documentary and Ewan will make millions.  He also says that he has filed lawsuits in England and the US and got restraining orders.  Nothing has helped and he even had to move back with his parents to pay for it all.  Sherlock says he was impressed on how Conrad solves the sibling mystery and that he wants to help him.  He gives Conrad a card for lawyers he has convinced to take the case on a commission basis, so he doesn’t have to pay if he doesn’t win.

Back at the 11th precinct Joan, Bell and Gregson interview the wife of Autumn Cleary’s lover.  Apparently, they find out the husband has been dead for ten years.  The wife believes that her husband did kill Autumn. She also tells them she did not come forward since her husband was dead and her children small.  She also said she sold the building where he kept an apartment for his mistresses.  Joan asks her is she remembers if the apartment had green carpeting, which it did.  Bell informs her that green carpet fibers were found on both murder victims.

Joan and Bell are inside the apartment building while Sherlock is in the courtyard.  He says a victim would have to be carried almost a block to come from the apartment to the courtyard. Joan and Bell finally enter the apartment, which turns out houses as many as 20 models at a time.  It also turns out that the second victim’s name is Camille. Out of nowhere, Sherlock arrives and shows Marcus and Joan a secret elevator he found from the courtyard.  Bell deduces that’s how the bodies were taken from the apartment to the courtyard. The only thing left to answer is who knew the elevator was still there and used it.

Bell briefs Gregson on the case.  He and Sherlock are going to interview the models while Joan is tracking the building’s new owner. Gregson and Bell comment on how hard it is for models to pay for rent and how agencies get temporary housing for them and deduct their pay.  Gregson suggests maybe Camille was killed since she may have threatened to expose the bad living conditions but Bell doubts any of the models really know each other well.

While interviewing the models, Sherlock and Bell find out that Camille skipped a show where the other models were during the time of her death.  They also learn that Camille was being asked for money from an unknown source.  Then, the owner of the building, Mr. Trask and his lawyer arrive to talk to the police. While the lawyer engages with Gregson and Bell, Sherlock sees that Mr. Trask is nervous and calls him out.  It turns our Mr. Trask has an underwear fetish and would steal undergarments from the models when they were out.  He found the body and thought she had overdosed.  He then moved the body so that inspectors wouldn’t investigate his building.  He states he didn’t kill her though and that he’ll help since he took her phone. 

Bell and Joan visit a clinic where they help people get off drugs.  They found from Camille’s phone locked screen that she had a meeting there.  Apparently, Camille met with a counselor who had helped her sister Regina in the past.  She informs them that Regina had died ten months ago from heroine and that Camille met with her to see if there was anything, she could have done to save her sister. She gives Joan the file on Regina in case it may help.

Sherlock, dressed as a gas company worker, goes to Conrad’s parents’ house and finds the guns and ammo that Conrad purchased in Vermont. He takes it all back to the brownstone. Joan asks him if he thinks Conrad was going to murder people.  Sherlock says taking the gun away is only a part of his plan.

He then asks Joan about the file on Regina.  Joan says that the file didn’t help much but the medical report on her death did.  She believes that Regina was murdered probably by the same person who killed her sister.

Bell and Gregson team up on the medical examiner who missed Regina’s murder.  They show her the stunt gun burns she dismissed when she examined Regina.  She tells them that someone else asked about Regina recently, Baxter, a PI.  She thinks he may have been hired by Camille and may have some information for them.

Joan and Bell find out that Camille had sent Baxter five hundred dollars, as they pay the private investigator a visit.  Joan notices flies, so Bell breaks the door down to find the investigator dead but with stunt gun burns.

Sherlock pays Odin a visit and gives him Conrad’s gun as a present.  Sherlock explains that they don’t have to kill Conrad and that there are other ways of stopping him.  Sherlock shares that he has new data on Conrad: he contacted the lawyers Sherlock provided, the gun is gone and there will be police protection at the screening.  Odin realizes Sherlock wants him to change his ways and oversee other potential treats but says it is risky and difficult to engage like Sherlock did with Conrad.  Sherlock asks him if murdering people is better.  Odin asks him if he and Joan would help if he revised the way he did things.  Sherlock told him to call them and find out.

Sherlock returns to the brownstone and tells Joan that Conrad is at his parents’ house, Ewan is wrapping up his Q&A and will leave for London soon.  He doesn’t know what Odin will do. Joan shows Sherlock photos from Baxter’s cloud.  The Pi’s phone, files and hard drive had all been taken from his office probably by the person who killed him.  Sherlock notices one photo of a DJ wearing a panda mask.  They think he may have been going out with Regina.

Sherlock enlists the help of another anonymous DJ and finds Panda.  He is interviewed by Sherlock, Bell and Joan.  He says he was with Regina for a time but was in Brazil when she died.  Since he wears a mask, they ask him for names of his alibis.  He says not until he finds out about his daughter.  He tells them Regina called him while he was in South America to tell him she was having his baby and was going to give it up for adoption.  He talked her out of it and said he would help her, so Regina changed her mind on the adoption.  Sherlock, Joan and Bell figure out that the motive for Regina’s death could be for her baby.

Bell, Joan and Sherlock go back to the organization that helps people get off drugs that Regina used.  They show her counselor a photo of her with Regina and a baby girl as they left the hospital.  They tell her that they know she killed Regina since she changed her mind about giving her baby up for adoption.  They think her motive is because she wouldn’t get the fee the adopted parents would pay if Regina changed her mind.  They also say she killed Camille and Baxter and that her home is being searched for the stunt gun she used in all three murders.  

As they arrest her, Sherlock gets a text and tells Joan Reichenbach wants to see them. Joan tells him that the screening went off without problems.  Odin tells them that Conrad killed his parents and himself.  He says he should have gone with his gut and not listened to them.  Sherlock counters with the data that he gave them didn’t day Conrad had problems with his parents.  Odin responds that his data said he was a killer and now two innocent people are dead. He then informs them that he is not changing a thing on his processes and tells them to get out.

Questions for this episode

  • Did Odin kill Conrad and his parents?
  • What will Sherlock and Joan do now?
  • Is Reichenbach done with our favorite detectives?  Somehow, I don’t think so.    

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