Elementary 07×11: Daaadddyyy!

Well, things don’t look so good for Holmes and Watson.  Reichenbach basically told them that he doesn’t like them and that they won’t get any help from law enforcement agencies in the US or abroad.  If you would like to see how they got in this pickle, click here for last week’s episode.

So here we go with this week’s drama, Elementary season 7, episode 11: Unfriended. We start with Sherlock and Joan at the morgue checking on Conrad and his parents.  Sherlock shows Joan a video of Conrad’s home which goes blue before the electronics are disconnected. Sherlock reminds Joan that the blue screen of death is Odin’s calling card, since he did that to their electronics before he met them.  They conclude that Odin had Conrad and his parents murdered and made it look like a murder/suicide.

Sherlock then gets a text from a person he reached out to weeks before to help them with Odin.  Our favorite detectives arrive at the brownstone to find Daddy Holmes!! (this is going to get good now) He says that he has some experience in dealing with people like Reichenbach and wants to help.  Joan and Sherlock are worried that Odin is too insulated and has friends in high places.  Daddy Holmes believes his friends are higher on the food chain, but they need to catch Odin doing something wrong.

At Reichenbach’s office, he is being briefed that Conrad’s murder/suicide will close without issue per their police contact.  He is also told that Sherlock and Joan are being quiet.  Lastly, he hears about a new opportunity.  A man named Stewart Pringle whose girlfriend overdosed on prescription opioids.  He blames the drug manufacturer and is looking about information on homemade bombs.  Odin gives the order.

Mr. Pringle is buying propane and has guns – probably getting ready for his attack. But as it turns out, Mr. Pringle is really a made-up persona that Sherlock created and is using this online format to write on social media.  One of his father’s security company contacts, Wilson Keviak, is pretending to be Mr. Pringle buying the equipment. The idea is to lure Odin out.  They are using one of Sherlock’s safe houses as the online address for Pringle and others from the security company are there.

Daddy Holmes meets with Mrs. Sing, one of his powerful associates.  He tells her that their influence is being threaten by Reichenbach and that he plans to meet with some of their other friends later.

Sherlock arrives to the safe house to find a third-grade teacher, Annie Spellman, captured by his security company.  They have her tied up and confiscated her gun.  Sherlock asks about who sent her and how did she communicate with that person, but she refuses to talk.  Sherlock says it’s fine since his partner is searching her home for all the answers.

Meanwhile Joan and Wilson are at Spellman’s house. Wilson comments that its hard to believe a teacher would want to work for Odin.  Joan sees the school where Annie Spellman works had a shooting a while back, so maybe that’s why Annie would be open to Odin.  Joan finds three envelopes from an online printing site with potholders.  Wilson finds a computer with an order in the cart.  The order has Stewart Pringle’s name, address and a note saying he was planning to bomb a building and needed to be stoped ASAP.  Joan tells Wilson that last time Odin communicated via an online game so when she saw the website, she thought that’s how they were communicating. They deduce that the target is the person listed on the order in the cart and once the job is completed, Annie changes the name and location to her name.  If that is what is going on, then Annie has killed three other people.  Unfortunately, her history is erased when she changes her name and address after the hits are complete.

Wilson finds a case where Annie probably stores her gun.  Inside they find gloves with a blue paint of sorts.  Joan believes it is not paint but blood and thinks she has an idea of who one of the victims may be.

 Sherlock goes to visit Annie again and tells her they know she killed a scientist, Thalia Bacall.  Of course, she denies it, but Sherlock shows her the gloves she used when it happened and that there was blood on them.  Annie replies that they are blue, and Sherlock explains they don’t have human blood but horseshoe crab blood. He keeps pressing her about the other two deaths and that they know how she is contacted.  Finally, he tells her that he will help her if she tells them because the police will know that she killed the scientist.

Then, we have a great twist: Joan is in the brownstone, sitting on the floor with different colors of tissue paper when Sherlock walks in.  Funny role reversal!  Apparently, Everyone has her crumpling the colored sheets and taping herself doing it because they like the sound. Joan asked them to find the history of Annie’s computer or the IP address sending the information to Spellman, but it was a dead end.  She also asked them for Bacall’s online information to see if there were any red flags, but nothing came up. Joan also asked Marcus about murders around the two other shipping dates from the envelopes.

Sherlock and Joan go investigate Thalia Bacall in the real world to see what would draw Odin’s attention to her and see why he had her murdered.  Thalia Bacall led a lab that produces LAL, a protein in the horseshoe crab’s blood that detects contamination, it is used by all biotech and pharmaceutical companies to test their products.  She met with Heal the Wild, a conservation group during the days before her death. Sherlock and Joan think that maybe Thalia was won over by Heal the Wild, which would mean disruption of the supply of LAL, which would be a motive for Odin.

And speaking of Odin, apparently Daddy Holmes and his friends are making themselves known to Reichenbach.  His company’s stock price is plummeting, and the board is calling for his resignation because half the world won’t work with the company if Odin is in charge.  How’s that Odin!?

Sherlock and Joan interview Heal the Wild who tells them Thalia was receptive to start using a synthetic alternative instead of crab blood to produce LAL.  They hope Thalia’s brother, Colin Bacall, will consider it also when he takes over the lab. Sherlock and Joan leave, and he tells her Odin had Thalia killed to make money.

Marcus has the murder cases for Sherlock on the two dates from the Spellman shipping notices.  While they are talking, Bell gets a call and tells Sherlock that Reichenbach is waiting for him in the conference room.  Wow!  Anyway, Odin tells Sherlock that he knows Morland Holmes is responsible for his bad week.  He then asks Sherlock to back off since he doesn’t want to lose the ability to save lives. Sherlock then confronts him with the information about Thalia who is innocent, and that he did it all to buy her brother’s company.  Odin says that the technology from Colin Bacall’s company helps him on his quest to save lives.  Sherlock dismisses him since Thalia was innocent.

Back at the safe house, Joan tells Annie that they lied to her and that she killed an innocent woman.  She explains that Odin wanted Colin’s company and that since he didn’t want to sell, Odin got his sister killed.  Joan leaves Annie a folder full of evidence for her to see for herself.

At the brownstone, Morland Holmes is waiting for Sherlock.  He tells him that he expects Odin will be ousted by the end of the following day. In the meantime, daddy Holmes has his men watching friends and family in the US and England just in case.  Sherlock thanks him for his help and says it must not have come cheap.  Morland tells him it was worth it and that he will always come to help.

Joan and Sherlock talk to Annie.  She tells them about her experience with the shooting at her school. She bought a gun and met a woman named Kate at the range where she practiced.  Kate recruited her saying she could help stop another tragedy. Annie starts crying and says she will tell them about the other two crimes.  Joan thinks they can trace Kate at the gun range.  They would have a log if she bought ammo.

Daddy Holmes is meeting with Mrs. Sing who says the world is changing and they must change with it.  Morland realizes that Odin got to her, but she says not her but the people she works for and that they are afraid of him. She says Odin controls the information people see.  He can start a revolution or change an election, if he wants.  Her bosses fear him and that makes Morland and her obsolete.  Daddy Homes asks what will happen to his son to which she replies “sorry, old friend” and leaves.  (OH NO!)

Sherlock is at the precinct and asks Gregson about Bell since he wants to talk to them both.  Bell is out on the field, so Sherlock tells Gregson they know who ordered the hit against him.  Gregson feels bad because he says Sherlock and Joan were happy in England but came back to this mess because of him.  Sherlock then tells him Annie Spellman is willing to cooperate.  Gregson says they will have to be careful about who they bring in since Odin has his hooks into so many people.  He says he will feel out a DA and a judge.  Sherlock warns him to keep all conversations in person – no phone or emails. 

Sherlock arrives at the brownstone to find Bell there with Joan.  Bell tells him the Queen’s police found a body – his father’s body. Sherlock can’t believe his father is dead. RIP Morland Holmes – you deserved better.

Questions for this episode:

  • What will Sherlock do now?
  • How can Joan, Bell and Gregson help?
  • Will Odin be ousted from his company now?

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