Elementary 07×12: Running Out of Time

Still in shock from the last episode? If not, it’s probably because you need to catch up.  Click here for the last episode, so you can be in shock too.

You have been warned, watch last episode first and then come back for this one – Elementary season 7, episode 12 Reichenbach Falls.  And spoilers, RIP Morland Holmes ☹ And remember, only one more episode left.

Sherlock, Joan and Marcus are in the brownstone discussing daddy Holmes’ murder when they hear that the safe house where they had their witness has burned down.  Death count is now at 5 in one night.  The detectives theorize that Reichenbach is now using professionals since only they could have pulled one over Morland Homes’ security detail.  They think that if they can get to the hired killers, they can get them to turn and get Odin.

But first, the trio goes to the crime scene.  Marcus tells Sherlock to stay back while Joan and he go check it out, but Sherlock wants to see.  As they approach the car, Sherlock tells Marcus to call the other officers near the body back.  Marcus does, since he thinks that Sherlock needs time with his father.  When Sherlock covers his eyes, Joan and Bell are concerned, but he tells them the car has been tampered with and there is a camera when the whole car, and the evidence blow up.  What a way to start the episode!

Gregson is trying to find out more information about Morland Holmes’ murder when Sherlock, Joan and Marcus walk in.  Bell informs the captain of their theory and his plan to look for a financial tie between Odin and the hired professional killers.  Gregson tells Joan and Sherlock that he is giving them police protection while the investigation continues.  Then Gregson approaches Odin and tells him to stop killing people.  Of course, Reichenbach denies it and says it just Sherlock lying.  The captain tells Odin to stay away from his people while Odin tells him every problem has a solution and he finds the solutions.  Is it a threat to Gregson?

Joan and Sherlock look through the car wreckage.  Sherlock is in a bit of shock since his father was a titan – all powerful and it’s hard for him to think he was unaware and brought low.  While searching, Sherlock finds a piece of a watch.  They look at pictures and see that someone switched the watches.  Morland Holmes’ watch was an antique worth six figures while the watch in the pictures that Sherlock found was cheap and mass produced.  Joan suggest that if someone tries to sell the real watch, they could catch him.

Marcus luckily finds the watch shop where they tried to sell daddy Holmes’ watch.  The manager gives Bell the name of the person.  Bell shares the information with Sherlock and Joan.  Ken Holloway runs a bowling alley and is the person who tried to sell the watch.  However, the trio know he’s not a contract killer although he has some priors. Marcus digs deeper and sees, in social media, that Holloway’s brother in law fits the professional killer type.  His name is Jacob Webb and is a mercenary.  Marcus sent a team to collect him, but he wasn’t home. 

Sherlock, Marcus and Joan look through Webb’s home.  Marcus said the neighbor saw Webb with three others earlier.  Joan thinks that maybe they left earlier.  Sherlock walks in to tell them he found 3 – dead in the fire pit oven of sorts in the backyard.  He assumes one man killed the three others and burned their bodies.

Sherlock, Joan and Marcus are at the morgue where Eugene, the medical examiner, has been sorting the body parts (turns out they were dismembered before being burned) to identify the bodies of Webb, Kashif and Stall. Since they were all ex-military, they were easy to id.  Per Bell, they were all killed execution style and then burned.  Eugene did extra work and found out that they all work for a company called Agrianos, who closed shop three days prior.  So, they wonder, why was that team together still, and who would take on three professional soldiers and win? Sherlock thinks the motive for their deaths is that they missed with the car bomb meant for him. Joan and Marcus decide to investigate Agrianos while Sherlock tends to some family business. (That can’t be good.)

Sherlock pays his old NSA contact, agent McNally, a visit at his daughter’s school to warn him that Reichenbach is a problem about to be solved and he can help or suffer the same fate.  Then Sherlock leaves.

Bell and Joan are interviewing Mr. Wince, a tycoon who is dying of pancreatic cancer, but who had hired Agrianos in the past to help him in Algeria. Bell and Joan need some names since all the company records are destroyed.

Odin is out for a jog to meet with the NSA’s agent McNally that Sherlock just warned.  Reichenbach is not happy and wants to get access to every platform that the NSA has in order to be able to do his work.  McNally tells him he will ask, and Odin tells him to be persuasive.

Sherlock and Joan are at the brownstone.  Sherlock is frustrated since all the leads that Joan and Marcus got from Mr. Wince are not good.  However, Joan finds a guy in her half of the list that looks promising. His name is Levite Chait.  However, all she was able to find is a picture of a group of hunters.  She will take it to Mr. Wince to see if he can confirm it.

Sherlock and Joan go to interview Mr. Wince who turns out to be the killer of the three mercenaries.  Sherlock spots a burn mark in his arm, probably from the oven while burning the bodies, and confronts him.  Since he thinks he will be dead in a month, Mr. Wince doesn’t want to tell Sherlock or Joan anything and asks for a lawyer.

Gregson, Sherlock and Joan talk to the District Attorney office who say they have nothing since Mr. Wince is terminally ill and swears that he doesn’t know about the deaths of Morland Holmes, Annie Spellman, the people that were guarding her or the Conrad family.  Gregson is surprised that the DA wouldn’t jump at the chance to go after a billionaire who is illegally spying on people and having them killed.  His friend tells him they need evidence and now they don’t have anything.

Joan thinks that they are back to where they started.  Sherlock feels defeated.  He thinks they are in a worse position than when they started since now Odin knows they have eyes on him.  Gregson says that the number of eyes should help since many are now watching. 

Sherlock is in the brownstone looking at an evidence picture of his father.  Joan arrives and asks if he is OK.  Sherlock says he’s the last Holmes now. Joan says she’s there for him if he wants to talk.  He tells her he wants to talk privately.  They go into another room and Sherlock says he doesn’t know if he’s up to it.  Joan tells hi they need sleep and that tomorrow they’ll find something like always.  Sherlock tells her they need to plan a murder of their own.

Reichenbach is leaving his office getting briefed on different cases.  He tells his assistant to act on all of them.  She questions this since she knows they are being watched, but Odin tells her the NYPD have nothing on them.  Odin reminds her they can’t shrink from their responsibilities.  She also tells him agent McNally wants to meet.

Joan rushes into the 11th precinct and tells Marcus she needs his help since Sherlock is about to make a terrible mistake.  Meanwhile, Odin arrives at the meeting place that McNally asked for and walks alone to the bridge. Sherlock is there with a gun.  Reichenbach is surprised and asks Sherlock if he killed agent McNally.  Sherlock says no, he simply cloned his phone and sent the meeting request to Odin.  

Reichenbach tells Sherlock that he knows that he won’t shoot him since they are alike – men of conviction.  Sherlock says they are opposites: basically, Odin trades freedom for safety.  Sherlock believes everyone should be free to make their own mistakes.  Odin tells Sherlock he is always looking back and not looking to the future.  Sherlock says that the past is where justice is and prepares to fire the gun.

Gregson, Marcus and Joan are in a police car racing to the bridge.  They block traffic so nobody gets in or out.  Then, they hear gun shots and run to the bridge with their guns drawn. Reichenbach is there with the gun and tells them he had no choice.  Gregson tells him to drop the gun and put his arms up which he does.  They arrest Odin as Joan runs looking for Sherlock.

Marcus is on the bridge when another officer tells him they have not found anything yet. Bell tells him to call the coast guard in to help. 

Gregson is in with Odin who is waiting for his lawyer.  He claims he was lured to the bridge and then attacked by Sherlock.  He managed to get the gun away and defended himself.  Gregson tells him that even if he gets off from Sherlock’s murder, they are going to court, and he will be investigated.  The captain tells him that he knows in all the ones and zeros there is evidence that will bring him down and they will because he killed Sherlock who was a good man and his friend.  With that he leaves.

Marcus tells Joan that the divers are still looking for Sherlock.  He tells her Odin swears that he was attacked, and it was in self-defense.  Bell asks Joan if this was revenge for his father’s death.  He thinks it’s better if they know now.  Joan says its been a long night and leaves.

Then we see a real estate agent speaking Italian describing an apartment in Florence.  She asks if they liked it to which Sherlock answers yes, he’ll take it. Wow!  What!?

Questions for this episode

  • What is Sherlock doing in Florence, Italy?
  • Is Odin going to prison or will he get off once again?
  • Does Joan know what is going on or does she think Sherlock died?

3 thoughts on “Elementary 07×12: Running Out of Time

  1. I think Joan was in on it from the start. Sherlock says “we have to plan a murder.” We’re meant to think it’s Reichenbach’s murder, but what they’re really planning is Sherlock’s fake murder. Sherlock is going to confront him, and Joan has to ensure there are witnesses.


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