Elementary 07×01: Back Again!

And we're back at last! After an agonizing wait, we can finally go through the adventures of Sherlock and Joan for one last time as they continue their cases, this time in London! This is the beginning of the end, people. Welcome to Season 7 Episode 1: "The Further Adventures". (In case you need a … Continue reading Elementary 07×01: Back Again!

Elementary Recap: Where We Left Off (06×21)

We've got one more week until Season 7 starts as the last hurrah, so it's only appropriate to see where we last left our two heroes...This is Season 6 Episode 21: "Whatever Remains, However Improbable".  Sherlock and Joan find themselves in a pickle when Joan becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Michael, a … Continue reading Elementary Recap: Where We Left Off (06×21)