Elementary 07×02: Sherlock, why?

I sort of didn’t feel like doing this today since I wasn’t feeling one hundred percent awesome, but here we are, I guess. If you want to know what happened during the first episode, check out last week’s recap. This is Episode 2 of Season 7: “Gutshot”. 

We begin with two guys tagging a wall who find the shot Captain Gregson. One of them explains what happened to Bell since he was the one who called 911. Bell thanks him for helping Gregson and finds Joan at the police station. Looks like we’re back in the US. At least Joan is.  She says Sherlock will help from London.  Joan wants to help with the investigation. Bell says that he’s glad that she’s back. 

We then see what looks like the Brownstone where Joan and Sherlock are living. Yes, he’s here too. As you may recall, this is risky since he can get arrested. Also, the Brownstone has no furniture, power and nothing works, so things are difficult despite Sherlock’s attempts to make it “homey”. Joan tells him some of the information regarding Gregson and says that it wasn’t a random shooting. 

Joan says that she’s going to visit Gregson at the hospital while Sherlock goes to interrogate people. Gregson’s wife explains to Joan about the fact that no one had threatened him recently. She also compliments Joan’s hair and asks how Sherlock is. 

Sherlock reenacts Gregson’s pose to the wall tagger who called 911 to try to get some information out of him. He explains that he needs to figure out any little details.  He tells Sherlock about the sound of breaks and they find some skid marks but coming from a different direction than expected.  Gregson did not come straight home.  Where could he have gone? 

Joan and Sherlock return home where they discuss the details they discovered such as evidence photos of what looks like clay.  This leads to a possible shooting location: a baseball field. 

They try to figure out where Gregson and the shooter were and retrace the steps. Sherlock finds a bullet hole on the side of a wall, which he removes to find…a dead body. Just another day for Holmes and Watson. 

The two get the identification of the corpse: a boy named Tim, so Bell and Joan discover that Gregson was looking for the body when he was shot. Sherlock and Joan ask the victim’s mother about what happened and that her ex blew off the case, not to mention that the victim had a rough couple of years before he died. 

Bell interrogates the ex on the case (who happens to be a police officer), and he denies hurting his son. Bell asks him what happened before the victim went missing and he says that he didn’t kill him and to talk to some of the people Tim got mixed up with. 

Bell then interrogates everyone the victim had trouble with and learned the different things he had done as well as mentioning a close friend: Dylan. 

Sherlock and Joan talk about Gregson and how they’ve been risking getting arrested. Joan tells Sherlock to go visit him before he possibly dies. They get a call from Bell about Dylan, their suspect. 

Our heroes find him and interrogate him about Tim, which he’s very distraught about and mentions that he stole his car months back. They ask him if he shot Gregson and he denies doing since he was high and at the hospital when Gregson was shot. 

Dylan tells them where his car is and tells them he had to take out a lot of fertilizer that Tim had in the trunk.  Sherlock says that Tim was trying to sink the Long Island Ferry when they find blasting caps in it. This thickens our plot. 

Joan explains their findings to Bell, but the case doesn’t make sense since no one knows what the plan is. She and Sherlock go to talk to Tim’s mother about this and she doesn’t believe it. They try to get some names from her and she denies knowing anything until bringing up that she lost her credit card, which Tim used. 

Sherlock pays a visit to Gregson and vows to find the person responsible, but says that what he did with Joan was horrible and that he forgives him. Gregson’s wife comes in and tells Sherlock that the captain missed him every day and loves him. 

Bell and Joan look at the charges on Tim’s mom’s credit card and see they were from Bronx business. They find footage of Tim being abducted. As it turns out, Bell knows the guy that was holding Tim at gunpoint, who turns out to be one of the people he interrogated. What a twist! 

Bell and the other officers ambush him at his home before arresting him. I’m calling it: it’s a red herring. He also admits that he shot Gregson since he didn’t want the captain to find Tim’s body when Bell and Joan interrogate him. 

He says that Tim’s father got him off, so he killed him in revenge while Gregson was caught in the crossfire. Joan and Bell call him out for lying and he mentions that he didn’t know about the ferry bombing. 

Sherlock says that he didn’t do it since he seems like a decent person in all the research he found. He also brings up the fact that Tim could be part of a terrorist cell. Joan says she will let Marcus know but that they need to pack since they leave for London early in the morning.  Holmes insists that Joan stays and works with Marcus and that he will go to London and help from there.

However, as the episode ends, Sherlock turns himself into the FBI for the murder of Michael!!   

Questions to ponder on: 

  • Why would he want to turn himself in? 
  • How is Joan going to react? She’s going to flip for sure!
  • How is the terrorist cell connected? 
  • Is Gregson going to live or die? 

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