Elementary 07×03: Ethiopia and Deals Gone Wrong

Well, would you look at that? We have ten more episodes left until the season is done. Let’s hope Sherlock gets himself out of this pickle with the FBI in this episode. This is Episode 3 “The Price of Admission”. If you want to see what happened last episode, read my previous recap from last week.   

Where were we? Oh right! Sherlock, why? He turned himself into the FBI and chose this person to interrogate him because of the connection he has with his father. In case you don’t remember, Sherlock’s dad took over Moriarty’s organization a long time ago. Sherlock says that he wants to get rid of the charges. 

Meanwhile, this guy freaks out about trying to set up his storage room for a client. He and an assistant discover a corpse crushed by the sculpture, which already thickens our plot. 

Sherlock investigates and finds out that the victim is a site manager with a scar on his hand. The storage facility is shady because they trade items from other countries that haven’t been through customs. 

Holmes goes to find clues and discovers that the crime hadn’t started in the storage room. He finds a dental crown belonging to the victim and said that it was staged to look like an accident. Sherlock offers to call Joan about the case and asks for security footage.

Joan goes to the Brownstone and finds that it now has furniture. Sherlock tells her about the case and she says that Bell managed to get the information from one of the workers. They review the footage and say that this wasn’t the first time the cameras were tampered with.

Joan and Bell investigate one of the facilities and interrogate one of the clients. They find that the client has a coin collection with picked locks, but nothing was stolen. Why would you do that? It doesn’t make sense. 

Bell asks Joan to print tickets since he and Chantel have a date night and he forgot to print the them.   All that to see Sherlock who Bell knew was in New York the whole time. Sherlock explains how the bank records of the victim connect to the gaps between security footage. They say that he was killed by one of the clients he was blackmailing. That makes perfect sense. 

Joan and Bell find out about Gregson’s replacement and try to show him all the information on the crime they had found but he’s not into details. They meet up with Sherlock and he finds a suspect: the heiress of a construction company whose father collected artifacts. 

Bell and Joan check out the collection and interrogate the curator about it. He explains that the heiress wanted him to cover her father’s crime of bringing looted artifacts.

They talk to the heiress about it once they got access to their storage room, but she says that she didn’t do it and that she has been working with the Ethiopian government for months.  That morning they gave her a pass for the artifacts and donated them to her museum in exchange for construction help. She’s cleared.

Sherlock tries to find information on the prime minister and tells Joan about it. She explains that the collection included a journal and that one entry said that they found fossil fuels.

Joan and Bell says that the prime minister not giving up the land and the murder are connected. They tell Sherlock about the information they found. Sherlock says that the heiress’ curator is responsible and Joan interrogates him with Bell’s help. 

He denies it, but they don’t believe him and show him all the evidence. The curator says that he was at the opera and that he had no connection to anything. 

Joan tells Sherlock that a hitman must have done it and he says that he was writing to his father. He mentions that they might return to London, but they might not have to and suggests that they work with both the NYPD and Scotland Yard. 

That morning, Sherlock wakes up Joan and tells her that his father gave him a theory. As it turns out, Eritrea (the border country for Ethiopia) is possibly behind this since someone sold the information to them and they need to continue the war to stay in power.

Sherlock talks to the curator and says that he know that he commit the murder but that this assassin did. Holmes also tells the curator that he called the assassin and told him the curator was going to spill the beans and so they start getting shot.  The curator finally confesses while fearing for his life. 

After that, Joan and Sherlock say that Kitty is sending their things to them, but something is wrong. Sherlock then talks to the FBI man he finds that he did things not as they had discussed, turned the tables and threatens Sherlock to do as he says or Joan gets arrested. 

Questions for next episode:

  • Will Joan get arrested?
  • How will Sherlock try to fix it? 
  • Is Gregson alright?

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