Elementary 07×04: Red and Green

Well, we’ve got nine episodes left for this season, so we need to make them count! This is Episode 4 of Season 7 “Red Light, Green Light”. 

If you want to catch up, look at my previous recaps. Click here for last week’s recap.

Well, it escalated quickly…I think Gregson died, but it was all a dream, with a killer clown and everything. Sherlock goes to visit Gregson with Joan and the captain is awake. They make amends, which is great! 

Suddenly, we cut to a truck driver and three drunk girls, but a smaller truck crashes into it and one of the girls goes to check it out before it explodes. Joan and Bell look at the scene and say that the bomb went off accidently or that the passenger set it off while running away. 

Sherlock investigates the bodies and says that the driver was part of the Mara Tres gang possibly tying to bomb a rival group and not a terrorist cell like the others think. He tells her that they have someone in the inside of Mara Tres, Halcon, who can help them. Joan doesn’t trust it, but they get a message from Gregson so they split up to investigate. 

Joan briefs Gregson about the case and he asks about the mess with how he got shot and that kid being a terrorist. We learn that the events didn’t happen as described by the person who confessed to shooting Gregson.  The captain tells Joan that he spoke to him one day and then went to the field the following night not on the same night as was confessed. What a twist! 

Sherlock talks to Halcon, his inside man, who is now a respectable kid soccer coach and tattoo-less! Probably hard to get those face tattoos off.  Anyway, Sherlock tells him that he visited his sister’s grave and tells him about the explosion. Halcon says that terrorists weren’t involved and explains that it wasn’t a bomb.  Basically, Mara Tres would steal gas and then resell it. And the driver who died was the best driver who wouldn’t run a red light.  Sherlock figures out both drivers had green lights so the traffic light was broken or hijacked.

We cut to the new captain is freaked out by the feds being in his conference room and Bell explains that Sherlock and Joan called for them. They explain the explosion to the feds and they said that Mara Tres wouldn’t do it, but the feds could to get money for their budgets. 

Sherlock and Joan tell the captain why they used the feds and Bell tells them that the feds are angry, but an FBI agent stayed and said that they knew something. She mentions that the traffic control system had viruses in them made by a man named Overlord.

They contact Everyone and Sherlock has to put gelatin into all the water places in the brownstone, including his sensory deprivation chamber and the toilets to get information. Joan says that Gregson’s shooter was lying to protect an accomplice. Meanwhile, Bell gets the papers for Overlord’s work on hacking into traffic control. He also learns that the virus deleted itself once it was finished. 

Joan visits Gregson’s shooter and says that he’ll live. She tells him that there’s probably more to the story and interrogates him on who he was possibly protecting. 

Sherlock gets Overlord, or Phil, brought to the Brownstone and explains that he got information on him from his ex-girlfriend. Phil now has to help the feds and he says that he’ll see if it’s his code or not. As it turns out, the hacker was going for the truck’s route and NOT Mara Tres.

Bell and Sherlock interrogate the driver who survived the crash and says that he’s a good person, but no one told him what was in the crates he was hauling that night and that he had to deliver it to a construction site. Bell learns that it was elevators, not bombs and the construction company owner says that he was being targeted by a rival. 

Sherlock tells him that the rival is dead already – it was actually the DOT person who brought the files on Overlord to Bell. Meanwhile, Joan talks to Gregson’s shooter’s wife about the situation and she denies it all, but she brings up that he was playing a first person shooter. Joan decides to contact one of his online friends, but with no luck.

Sherlock gets a word from Halcon who tells him that the gang members were tipped off and killed the guy who worked at the DOT because he killed one of their best drivers and part of their gang. Sherlock tells him that they should be ashamed because they’re being used. 

Bell and Sherlock interrogate the victim’s father in law, who happens to be the owner of the rival construction company and explain the whole situation as well as the fact that they’re all being played. They tell him that they know who the mole is and show him the evidence as well as saying that he manipulated the victim into hacking the lights.  The mole falls for Sherlocks lie and calls the construction company owner when Bell and Sherlock are there totally incriminating him – well played!

Gregson is now in a wheelchair and tells Joan that he’ll be out of the hospital next week. She explains that the online friend removed himself when she tried to contact him. The guy who shot Gregson gets a visit from his wife in prison and she tells him about the video game before he gives her a note and tells her to be careful of and secretly passes her a note saying to tell “them” that Joan is trouble! 

Questions for this episode: 

  • Who is “them”? 
  • Will Joan be in trouble?
  • Will Holmes and Watson take down the terrorists? 

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