Elementary 07×05: Steve Jobs, Wine and Forests

Another week, another episode…we’re just on a roll here, am I right? Let’s jump into our next episode now. This is Episode 5 of Season 7 “Into the Woods”. 

If you want to catch up, check out last week’s recap

We begin with this Steve Jobs guy, Odin Reichenbach, giving a presentation that Joan is watching at the Brownstone and Sherlock asks her about him. Joan tells him that he likes her since he made a large donation to the gun buyback program Sherlock started in her name and wants to meet her.  Sherlock teases her about a new boyfriend and then he goes to get his napalm because of course he would. 

Then, we cut to a marathon in the woods and one of the runners, Isabelle, collapses after being stabbed in the back and dies. Her friends run up to her in worry. Bell asks one of the friends who explains that Isabelle worked at a school and that she had a few threats.  She then tells him that the course is open (3,000 acres to be precise) and Sherlock comes in and says that she was attacked in the southwest corner of the park near a pond. 

Sherlock explains to Bell that Isabelle’s leg was covered in marsh, so he shows him the pond where she probably was attacked. They find an abandoned shack where they made moonshine and go to investigate, finding blood on the window. They believe that the attack is connected to someone getting shot around the same time, and find marks like someone was dragged to the water.  Bell calls in the divers to check the pond.

Meanwhile, Joan goes to meet with Steve Jobs/Odin from the beginning, but he was out practicing archery. She thanks him for the donation and he tells her that his niece was being threatened, so he asks her and Sherlock to find out who was doing it, believing to be one of his workers. 

Sherlock refuses to help initially, but Joan explains that they can use the computers and data from Odin’s company, Odkar on their cases. Bell calls Sherlock and tells him that they found the bodies. 

They check out the body of the shooting victim, Henderson, but the gun is from the 19th Century. The second victim was…a hog? My guess was that it was a pet. Sherlock points out that Truffles the hog was killed at the same as the victim, but this all sounds like the beginning of a joke: a man and his hog go out in the forest… 

They find out that the victim was a bartender and was the owner of the abandoned shack, not to mention that he was Truffle’s owner. They tell the new captain about it and he says that it’s possibly connected. 

Bell goes to interrogate the victim’s boss, but he’s not there, so the current bartender gives him the boss’s number. 

Sherlock shows Joan a broken wine bottle he found in the shack. They then go to solve the threat case and Odin leaves them to check out the computers. The two look at everyone and Sherlock finds the inside of one of the worker’s desks and points out that he’s a compulsive gambler. 

The next morning, Bell calls them and says that the victim’s boss was innocent and a wine dealer named Todd Harris is possibly responsible for this. He goes to interrogate Todd, but finds him injured. What a twist!

Bell and Joan interrogate him. Todd tells them what happened to him and that the killer wanted one of his wines – Chateau Baptiste ’57. Joan puts it together that this was also connected to the other two murders. 

Sherlock tells Joan that he burglarized the gambler’s house, but found no connection to the threats to Odin’s niece. Joan figures out that the target is Jason Wood, a chief investment officer since he loves the ’57 Baptiste.

They go to an auction to catch the killer. Bell and the police are watching for the bottle switch while Holmes and Watson sit with Woods and his wife.  The security cameras and communications are jammed and Bell warns the guests that the room has become a crime scene. Sherlock knows that the killer is in the room with them, but the question is who. Sherlock figures out the shoelaces that a person is wearing are the same as the knots tied on the victims.  And, it’s the bartender Bell interviewed but without his beard. Bell arrests him.  The captain recaps – Colby the bartender attacked the wine collector and stole the ’57 Baptiste, then forced Henderson to create poison that is tested on Truffles which kills him and then Colby shoots Henderson.  Since Isabella, the jogger was a witness, he killed her too.

Sherlock says that Colby, the bartender was obsessed with Jason’s wife, thus, creating the entire plot to kill her husband.

Sherlock and Joan talk to Odin and explain that there wasn’t an inside job after all. They ask him why he sent them in a wild goose chase and he said that it was a test to see what they would do. He was impressed that Homes and Watson would do anything (legal or not) to help him. Odin then admits that he was connected to Patrick, the guy who shot Gregson.  Wow! Mind blown!  

They figure out that Odin is who Patrick was working with.  Joan and Sherlock were upset that he admitted to Gregson’s shooting but Odin tells him that was all Patrick.  He felt it was Ok since other lives were saved and tells our duo that he is not like others they deal with on a regular basis . . . 

Questions for this episode:

  • Is Odin “them” or part of “them”? 
  • Is he their friend or foe? 
  • Is Gregson alright?

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