Elementary 07×06: Things get Twisty

I believe we have reached the half way point for the final season and our main villain for the season, Odin Reichenbach, has finally shown himself, so we’re in for a heck of a ride. This is Season 7 Episode 6 “Command: Delete”. 

If you want to know what happened last week click here for that recap.

We pick up where we left off as Sherlock, Joan, and Odin talk about Odin’s plan to end crime before it even happens. He felt bad because a school shooter had left clues in his servers and he could’ve stopped him. He realized that he had all this information and could maybe prevent crimes before they happen. Now, that sounds like a good thing, but sadly, he’s looking at people’s personal information, which is illegal. 

Joan points out that he’s making people like Patrick into murderers and Sherlock rejects the idea. Odin tells them to help him and tells them to think on it. 

On another hand, Bell finds out that a former officer, Davis, has gone missing as he visits his wife. He asks her about what he could be up to and she said that he has PTSD. She explains that he’s been stressed and is worried that he may try to kill himself. 

Bell looks in the garage and finds parts of a modified gun – a sniper rifle. He says that it’s not for a suicide, but for a murder. 

At the brownstone, Sherlock destroys all electronics that have Reichenbach software on them and Joan gives him their new phones.

Joan thinks that the online stalking is wrong and Sherlock tells her that the NYPD can’t know, so they have to go to the NSA for this case. He tells Joan to help Bell so he doesn’t suspect anything is off.

Joan and Bell interrogate people on Davis and they say that he isn’t a killer. They then hear that he was arguing with someone on the phone the other day and that he probably had the files on his computer, which are protected with passwords. Joan gets in the computer and finds large file as well as what sounds like pornography. 

Sherlock gives the NSA the files on Odin and says that Reichenbach just came out and admitted to using civilians as executioners of people he thought were dangerous to others. Holmes suggests that they bring the FBI in. The NSA tells him that he’ll need to pay him back if his superiors agree to take the case. 

Back with Joan and Bell, they warn who could possibly be Davis’s next victim, the person who runs the site that the porn videos are for.  They tell her about his plans to kill her because she owes him money, which she is shocked about. She says that he wouldn’t want to kill since she offered him a share of the new site as a way to pay him back and plays a voicemail from Davis. She says that she isn’t a target.

Sherlock tells Joan that he’s been looking at the files on Davis and believed that he found a clue in the voicemail, pigeons roosting.  Holmes believes that Davis was possibly looking for a sniper nest. 

They find Davis and Bell interrogates him. Davis says that he was only doing it for the money and admits that he was asked to “scare” someone. Sherlock calls the hotel across from the sniper’s nest and asks who Davis’s target was. Joan tells Bell that a private security firm was at the hotel and Sherlock figures out that the plan was to scare them and have them leave for a safehouse. However, when Sherlock tells them to call the team, they’re all dead. 

They go to the morgue and find out that the security firm was protecting a boxer, who was threaten because his rivals thought he was using steroids.  The security firm’s rep tells the team they were hired after the boxer had a break-in and he was afraid. Joan learns that the boxer had a condition on his liver and had to take pills which were being replaced during the break-in. Bell gives Sherlock and Joan some information on the pills – they were for an experimental drug. Sherlock points out that both the real and fake pills looked the same and Joan suggests that they go to the boxer’s doctor. 

When Holmes and Watson get there, his pregnant assistant tries to stop them but they find the doctor shredding papers. Joan points out that he had a cut on his hand, just like the person who broke into the boxer’s home.  The doctor admits that he broke in but, didn’t kill his patient. He says that he wasn’t shredding his research files.  The boxer had a rare mutation that reduced fat and increased muscle.   Sherlock tells him the boxer was his “golden goose” and he would kill him if he didn’t need him anymore and had figured out how to monetize the mutation. 

The doctor confesses that he lied to the boxer and needed more blood and tissue for his research. He also tells them that breaking in was the last time he ever saw his patient. He reveals that the boxer was adopted and there were no other people in his family who would also have the mutation. The doctor suggests that they look at other doctors, who may have figured the mutation out. 

Then we cut to the brownstone where the NSA agent is eating some of Sherlock’s ‘ “protein”, in other words bug snacks. He tells Sherlock that they need Reichenbach on tape confessing.  Sherlock tells him he can’t wear a wire because of Odin’s security.  The NSA agent tells him they have a way to record it if he gets Odin to talk. 

Bell and Joan talk to the boxer’s adoptive mother and say that there’s more to the story than just the medical condition. They get the files from the mother and she says that she got robbed the day before. The police didn’t do much when she reported it because all that was missing were a few photo albums of the boxer when little and some of the medical records. No one knows who is behind it and Bell assumed that a former doctor is behind this. 

The captain gets word on the information Bell found. Bell shows him pictures of the boxer’s biological family and the captain says that the killer was doing this, so that there would be no more test subjects. 

Joan meets Sherlock’s new friend, Cassena, who is a coffee expert. Sherlock says that he brought Cassena to identify where the people in the photos of the boxer’s biological family are, since he realized that they were coffee growers. 

Cassena says the photos are from Guatemala and where very expensive beans grow.  Sherlock points out that the boxer wasn’t killed by a former doctor, but possibly by another heir of the coffee fortune planted by the boxer’s biological family.

Sherlock then meets with Odin and discusses the whole privacy invading thing with the executions of killers, saying that some of them are innocent. Sherlock asks Reichenbach what his correct percentage is.  Odin says it is 80%. Sherlock says that they would join him, but they would look at every case since the percentage was off on a fifth of the cases. Odin counters with saying he will give them the next 80-20 case for them to decide. Sherlock accepts.

Bell and Joan interrogate the pregnant doctor’s assistant about the boxer’s murder since they believe she killed him.  They say that she was in the army, which is where she learned about sniper nests. She also blackmailed Davis (since he went to the same doctor) and saw his porn tape. They also pointed out that she dated the boxer and that she killed him, so their child could get the money, but she says that he wasn’t the father. Bell gives her a court order for a DNA test and knows that that will confirm their deductions.

Sherlock meets the NSA agent who plays the information recorded from the meeting with Odin.  Sherlock asks if he was a member of Odin’s group, since the recording was too clear. As it turns out, the NSA working with Holmes was all part of Odin’s plan. The agent gives Sherlock the file they have on everyone he knows and warn him that he doesn’t want anything to happen to Joan. 

The NSA agent reports back to Odin and he says that he shouldn’t underestimate Holmes.  Reichenbach replies that he deals with bigger fish than Sherlock and Joan but wants them to work with him.

Joan asks Sherlock what happened with the NSA and he replies they have to wait and be patient since it’s a big case.  Sherlock doesn’t tell her about the file or the NSA working with Reichenbach. 

Questions for this episode:

  • When will Sherlock tell Joan about the file?
  • Why didn’t he tell her in the first place? 
  • Is Odin working for Moriarty? 
  • Will Moriarty return? 

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