HHN 2019: Depths of Fear

What’s worse than being in a cramped, crowded space? Being in a cramped, crowded space underwater built by a mining company while being attacked by sea parasite monster things. That is the basic plot of our next house: Depths of Fear.

Being in crowded spaces and the water are common fears next to clowns, heights, and spiders, so Horror Nights is trying to tackle this fear, which I believe they haven’t done yet. This is the original house with the least amount of information that I could find since the plot and the monsters are all you need, I suppose since the mystery and unknown is what makes it scarier.

This house will be the worst nightmare for those with claustrophobia, so if you have this fear, maybe it’s best that you don’t go since you may panic.

What are your thoughts on this house? Does it work as a fear Universal hasn’t done yet?

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