HHN 2019: Ghostbusters

Quick note before we begin to avoid some confusion: This is about the original film, not the sequel, the upcoming third film, that show with the two guys and gorilla, the cartoon series, or the controversial all female reboot. Got it? Good.

The origins for the concept of the film are somewhat of a mystery with two theories behind it: the first being that Dan Aykroyd, one of the actors for the film, came up with the idea himself while the other was that the concept came from the Mickey Mouse cartoon, The Lonesome Ghosts, which has the same plot as the film and has Goofy say “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts”. Whether one of those two is the case is still questioned and debated to this day.

Anyways, the plot of the movie is that these three guys (later four) form a ghost extermination company and have to defeat a god named Gozer and his demonic dogs from taking over New York. Also, the Staypuff Marshmallow Man attacks.

The movie became a massive hit along with the song written for the film, which resulted in sequels, a cartoon series, and a reboot (the one with the gorilla kind of came first though).

And now, we have a haunted house for it, which sounds awesome! I would put around second place for my most anticipated houses.

What’s your favorite Ghostbusters movie?

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