HHN 2019: Stranger Things

Are you all ready to return to the Upside Down? Returning from last year’s event (and it’s over four hour long lines to get into the house), the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things is back!

The basic plot of the show is that when a boy mysteriously goes missing, it’s up to his friends, his family, the rest of the town, and a mysterious girl named Eleven to find him. While that was the summary for Season 1, this house will be focusing on Seasons 2 and 3.

Season 2 focuses on Will, the boy who went missing in Season 1, getting possessed by a creature from the Upside Down known as the Mindflayer while Season 3 is about Russian spies, people getting infected, a new mall, and a Fourth of July festival gone wrong.

As I referenced with the lines earlier, Stranger Things’ debut house was incredibly popular, possibly as much as the show itself, so expect long lines for this year too. Also, I call that there will be riots from the fans if they don’t show Steve in his sailor outfit.

I also put this at number three for my most anticipated houses.

What’s your favorite season of Stranger Things?

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