Elementary 07×13: The End

What a crazy season! And here we are at the end – our very last episode of Elementary season 7, number 13, “The last bow.” But before we start, make sure you are up to date.  Click here for last episode where Odin Reichenbach is arrested for Sherlock’s possible murder. And so, we start, three … Continue reading Elementary 07×13: The End

Elementary 07×12: Running Out of Time

Still in shock from the last episode? If not, it’s probably because you need to catch up.  Click here for the last episode, so you can be in shock too. You have been warned, watch last episode first and then come back for this one – Elementary season 7, episode 12 Reichenbach Falls.  And spoilers, … Continue reading Elementary 07×12: Running Out of Time

Elementary 07×11: Daaadddyyy!

Well, things don’t look so good for Holmes and Watson.  Reichenbach basically told them that he doesn’t like them and that they won’t get any help from law enforcement agencies in the US or abroad.  If you would like to see how they got in this pickle, click here for last week’s episode. So here … Continue reading Elementary 07×11: Daaadddyyy!

Elementary 07×10: New and Improved?

Last week we ended with our favorite villain, Odin Reichenbach was planning to take care of our heroes himself! If you want to know what happened last week, click here. If you are up to date, let us dive into Elementary season 7 episode 10: The latest model. Sherlock and Joan are using virtual reality … Continue reading Elementary 07×10: New and Improved?


Maybe this week we are going back to the Odin story line. I hope so. Last week it was interesting with Cassie.  I wonder if she will become a Sherlock protégé?  Anyway, click here if you want to know what happened last time. And now, back to business - this is Elementary 07×09 “On the … Continue reading ELEMENTARY 07×09: A NOSE FOR TROUBLE

Elementary 07×08: Who are you again?

Another episode and...I'm ready to go back and see what Odin is up to since we had an episode not in that story line last week. If you want to see what happened, click here for last week's recap. Anyway, this is Elementary 07x08 "Miss Understood". We open with Bell, Sherlock, and Joan solving a … Continue reading Elementary 07×08: Who are you again?

Elementary 07×07: Comrades

Happy Fourth of July! I know it's a holiday, but here's the recap of Season 7 Episode 7: "From Russia With Drugs".  I still can't believe that Sherlock did not tell Joan about The DEA and Odin.  If you want to check out last week's recap, click here.  To begin, Gregson returns to the force (yay!) … Continue reading Elementary 07×07: Comrades